New release Omnik datalogger

Check for the newrelease (0.91-beta) of Omnik datalogger.

The last days omnikport was down. In the mean while I found a second method getting access your the data. During the outage the portal at was available the whole time. Here you can find your data aswell. This proves omnikportal is just a skin and the data is at solarman PV. I found an API and working code that gives access to the realtime information. This API seems to give more accurate and in time access to the most recent data that was logged. Unfortunally the API is not TLS encrypted and uses a MD5 hashed password login. Not very safe. Neverless the alternative API is a good alternative for the time being. In the main menu there is now a special page for the omnik datalogger sofware.

Pluggable client

The new release comes with a pluggable client for logging. This makes it easy to change the logging code by just changing the configuration.

New client in development for local logging

For older Omnik inverters it is not possible to get the data straight from the inverter. Newer inverters listen at port 8899 and are able to respond directly. The datalogger in the inverter sends an update about every 5 minutes to a fixed IP of a logging server in the Solarman datacenter. The IP address the inverter is logging to is fixed and cannot be changed via the interface, but it is possible to intercept the message by simulating the server using a NAT rule and a static route for the IP address in your netwerk. The code te parse the data that is logged is already available to use, thanks to Woutrrr. The software will be able to listen on a TCP port to the rerouted datalogger sessions. The code ewill be based on this project of t3kpunk. A tutorial how to use this will apear on this site as soon as the code is ready for release. Local logging will give more detail information then currently available using the API’s. Extra sensors will be:

  • AV Voltage* and Current and Frequency (3 fase if yor model supports it)
  • DC Voltages and Currents for all strings (max 2)
  • The Temperature* of the inverter

*These values are submitted to PVoutput as well. And every new sensor will become available via the MQTT plugin.

DSMR integration

For ouput to I have planned to make an integration for the Dutch Smart Meter (DSMR). An adapter from the P1 connector to a USB serial interface is general available. Integrating makes is possible to calculate the real energy consumption. Of course all these new sensor information will be available to the MQTT output plugin as well.

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  1. Geachte Jan, zag deze melding op de omnik website

    Dear Users,

    As Omnik has gone bankrupt and is not able to provide service in the future, we are sorry to inform you that this platform will be closed at the end of April.

    With the purpose of providing continuous service for you, all data at Omnik platform will be migrated to SOLARMAN platform from 9 a.m. on 19th April, 2021 (UTC+8). Please notice that any operation on Omnik platform from that time will not be synchronized to SOLARMAN platform.

    The overall migration process will take about 72 hours. In order to ensure the data integrity and accuracy, please DO NOT modify any data on Omnik platform during this period. If you need to register new accounts during the migration, please log in to SOLARMAN platform (For end-users, please log in; for installers and distributors, please log in

    After the migration is completed, you will be informed at the very first time. Notice: Services including Open API, APP and data forwarding at Omnik platform will not be available after migration.

    You could log in SOLARMAN platform using your current account and password. SOLARMAN will provide one-month free trial for your Omnik devices. During this period, you will be able to use all the functions at the new platform. When the free trial period is expired, you will need to pay 6 EUR/year for each device, otherwise the access to the device and data will be restricted.

    SOLARMAN Smart ( is designed for end-users. With new visual experience, user-friendly data display, and well-established monitoring function, SOLARMAN Smart makes smart energy management easier for everyone.

    SOLARMAN Business ( is designed for installers and distributors, which is more suitable for distributed system management. With comprehensive and sophisticated functions, SOLARMAN Business will provide global leading intelligent O&M solutions for installers and distributors.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and we are looking forward to providing better service for you at SOLARMAN platform.

    Please feel free to contact us for any questions via

    Zal een proberen of ik deze githubn op een NAS kan zetten en zelf data binnenhalen

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