Elro Connects

Elro Connects is a Smart Home brand that connectable fire, smoke, water or CO alarms, and some other stuff. Initially these devices were sold with a K1 connector, but this type of connector is not available in stock anymore. I own some fire alarms and a water detector alarm and a K1 connector. I was able automate and integrate these into Home Assistant.

Elro Connects K1 for Home Assistant can be found in HACS by default. HACS allows to to add custom integrations to Home Assistant.

Elro Connects socket support

The Elro Connects integration for Home Assistant now has support for Elro Connects power sockets.

An update has been made available. Note that only the K1 connector is supported. If you have a K2 connector, then this will not work. If you have have some other Elro Connects devices and a K1 connector, and you want to help, then you can leave a reaction in the comments. If you would like to do some more technical testing, then note there is a test test script you can in install and use examples of the lib-elro-connects library. The socket-demo.py script can show the status of all your Elro Connects devices connected to the K1 connector. Further it allow you to send command to it (2 digit hex code). That allows you to play a bit with it.

Elro Connects -Home Assistant

I am working on an integration for Elro Connects. The integration should allow users with Elro Connects fire, water or CO alarms to integrate those in Home Assistant. If you own Elro Connects fire alarms and like to test, you could add the elro connects integration with HACS.

Add the following repo to HACS https://github.com/jbouwh/ha-elro-connects/. You need to restart Home Assistant after downloading the custom integration. After the restart you should be able to add the integration to Home Assistant.

For each alarm a siren entity is created. If you turn it on, a test alarm request will be sent. You can turn it off to silenece a (test) alarm.

Let me know if you like this integration. If your device is not supported, or not working correctly, then let me known!