Ready for production

Omnikdatalogger has been stabilized and updated to run stable with HACS and docker now. There were some problems during restarts, especially with HACS that now have been solved. Some parts of the DSMR integration did not shutdown properly. That is all solved now. I am curious to know how what your experience is with omnikdatalogger. Let me know using the comments.

Wiki udated

The omnikdatalogger wikipages have been updated and are completed now. Some improvements in how to choose client might follow. E.g. if you have a tcpclient supported inverter, that client will be your best choice. My inverter does not have this support, and for this group all other clients are proposed. The localproxy client will give the same data quality as the tcpclient, but you will miss omnik cloud data if messages are no longer forwarded.


These days are work in the Netherlands. I will take some rest these days. I cannot tell wat additional updates of feature improvements are desired. Let me know if you have some idea’s. Ha ve nice holiday!

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  1. Just came here to thank you for your Frequency Tuner for Windows CE. =)

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