Thirst (pre) release for the omnik data logger

The first pre-release of the new Omnik data logger is now available. I would like to know if this works for you! If you have any comments or issues, let me know!

Release details

Version: 0.9-alpha (pre-release)

This pre-release brings a solution to integrate the actual state of your Omnik power inverter in to your favorite home automation system. The script reads out using your credentials and enables you process the real time data of your solar plant.
The realetime output can be forwared to or send over MQTT to your favorite Home Automation porject. The MQTT implementation supports the Home Assistant Automatic MQTT discovery.

You can run the script from the command line, use systemd or make use of AppDaemon so you can integrate directly with Home Assistent.

Have fun! Let me know your experience if you have any issues.

You can download the release here.


Some time ago I found this at github. A python based project to read out the statistics from I own an inverter of Omnik (Omniksol-3.0-TL) and was installed october 2012. Pascal Prins, the author implemented a plugin based logger with a working example for

Issue fixed

Pascals code had some issues, and I decided to report them. In de mean wile I went on with a clone copy of the project, fixed some issues and optimized the code.

AppDaemon and Home Assistant integration with MQTT

I wrote an additional plugin (mqtt) to enable an easy integration with Home Assistant or any other MQTT based home automation solution.

The AppDaemon integration further enables updating the config without the need to restart.

New version at github

After integration with AppDaemon I ended up with an alternative that can be configured with AppDaemon through apps.yaml. The logging was adapted so it supports the AppDaemon logging system. When using the command line native logging is used.

I submitted the new code to github and did a pull request.


Using MQTT Auto discovery logging now can be easily integrated with Home Assistant.