New Docker builds for Omnik Data Logger

New Docker builds are available for Omnik Datalogger. Docker containers are ideal when you are not using Home Assistant or the Home Assistant community store (HACS). Docker builds can be easily deployed on multi platforms. Currently the following architectures are supported:

  • linux/amd64
  • linux/arm64
  • linux/arm/v7
  • linux/arm/v6

If you need a different architecture, please let me know. Docker and pip builds and are now automatically generated by Github actions when a new release is published.

See for more information. If you previous used Docker containers for this project, then make sure your configuration is correct. The default location for config files in the containers has been change to the /config folder.

Omnik api offline

If you were a happy user of omnik portal, you may have been noticed about Omnik bankruptcy throught the communications by Solarman. Solarman managed the infrastructure for Omnik all the time. Your omnik inverter is still logging its data the same way it did for years. The complete portal is still accessable from Here you can still use the credentials you used at

Omnikdatalogger ‘omnikportal’ client removed from software.

Since the Omnikportal API is down too, you will need an alternative. Omnikdatalogger also has a solarmanpv client that can get your inverters logged data. See more about the configuration at the Omnikdatalogger WIKI pages or the Dutch WIKI pages on this site. Solarman has indicated they will continue to offer this as a free (trial) service till the end of 2021. With omnikdatalogger you also can get your inverters data using the tcpclient or localproxy client module.